Tropical Hockey League

Our vision

We aim to create a professional inline hockey league in Florida and the Gulf Coast, in order to provide an exciting and affordable entertainment product for fans, a haven for the best inline hockey players in the world, under a business model that respects both the fans and the players.

If you want to be a part of building our league or you would like to know more, please contact us. Our team is passionate, friendly, and happy to talk to you.

Inline hockey

A derivative of ice hockey, inline hockey is mostly similar but different in a few key ways. The most glaring difference is in the name- instead of ice skates, players wear inline roller skates. This means that arenas that don't have ice capabilities can host an inline hockey team, and it makes the game cheaper for investors, arena managers, fans, and for people who want to try the game out. The other big difference is that inline hockey is no-checking. Players can battle for position, push and shove, and bump players away from the puck, but they can't headhunt or go out of their way to make contact. This, combined with only having 4 skaters on the floor, opens up the game, leads to lots more scoring, and keeps players from getting injured. For fans who enjoy the physicality of other sports, have no fear, as THL players will not be ejected if they drop the gloves.

The Tropical Hockey League will be designing its rules around keeping the game free flowing, exciting, and quick. There will be plenty of goals, lots of exciting end to end action, and regulation games will only take about an hour and a half, keeping costs down and letting fans go enjoy nightlife or take their kids to bed at a reasonable time.

The Gulf coast region

The Gulf Coast of the US is chocked full of perfect places for a professional sports team. Plenty of beautiful cities with great weather, great beaches, and perfect arenas where players will want to play and stay for a long time. Arenas in these cities often sit unused for much of the year, and the THL plans to invigorate downtowns, create jobs, and offer affordable entertainment for families.

Fan Ownership

Fan ownership is a business model in which instead of a single investor or a small group operating a team, a large group of "fan-owners" elect representatives who make sure that their team operates in a way that supports their interests as fans. The Green Bay Packers operate this way, and so do many soccer teams around the country, but never before has an entire league committed to the concept as much as the Tropical Hockey League. We believe that by operating this way, our teams can be a much bigger part of the community, doing more good and building up a stronger, more inclusive community that anyone can be a part of.